Finn by Chase is an all digital bank geared towards helping a younger demographic open an account in a matter of minutes. With a standard no fee Checking and Savings account, Finn lets users get a deeper understanding of their spending, encourages putting money aside towards their savings goals, and comes with no fees or overdraft. 

My Role
As a new product and new team who isn't familiar with launching an app, I help lead design and provide guidance to members on the team.
Design System — Art Direction — Low and High Fidelity Concepts

The Challenge
With an increase in all digital banks and stepping away from what a traditional bank is, JPMorgan Chase wanted to enter and learn from an all-digital bank space. How can we create an experience that's unique to our customers and understand their spending behavior? 
How I became involved
Chase Pay 1.0
While I was working on concepts for Chase Pay (circa 2015), I wanted to push the boundaries of interactions and break the mold for how an app should look and function. One concept, in particular, played with the notion of bubbles that appear contextually based on users actions or their location. By limiting the amount of navigation and content, users will be able to make sound decisions and be more engaged with the content that's in front of them.

Chase Pay concepts

Creating Finn
A few years had past when I was approached by the Finn Lead to revitalize some of my early concepts from Chase Pay and help the team with interaction and visual design for this new app. At this point in time, they had done a few rounds of research on desirability, content, and strategy for the app. Excited and thrilled, I jumped on the opportunity to help lead the way to what we currently have in the market today.
I carried over the same process from the Chase Pay redesign over to Finn to create a personality, design system, and concepts.
Defining Finn
Personality Research
Helping lead the way for designers, each designer had to create the app personality, mood-board, color palette, and typography for their direction. For my personality, I was heavily inspired by Jackie Chan's The Tuxedo. Being a huge fan of Jackie Chan, I knew what I wanted for my personality. The experience should feel luxurious, but still be playful and nimble. For the first round of research with users, we wanted to put the different visual directions in front of them and see how they would react. Overall, the participants preferred Jackie's look and feel, but thought it was too moody.

From Top to bottom: Marcus, Samantha, and Jackie visual direction

Iterating designs
With the Jackie personality getting positive feedback, we decided to go with Jackie's layout and did another round of research. This time, focusing on the colors. A Chase color palette, a modified Jackie color palette, a light version of Jackie, and a desaturated color palette. The dark version of the Jackie personality color way came out on top.

Dark and light version for Jackie

Exploring different faces

Putting it all together
As the designers learned more about designing and creating a design system, I slowly transition off the project. There was a great sense of accomplishment being able to guide the Finn team through the transitions and growth of the project.

Style Guide

Near final screens for Finn by Chase

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